Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When people as me if I use "toys" I say no but i use other "toys" healing toys such as Crystals!!!

Chakra balancing is very similar to a good healthy work out for your body.  Chakra balancing can be achieved with your own innate ability to feel and perceive your blocks or aches and pains in your body.  If you understand that a chakra is a place to receive and send energy then each major chakra body we have correlates to a major organ or function in our physical body.

Simply put if you were a constant sufferer of headaches, migraines or stubborn sinus infections you would sense not only discomfort but a block in your 6th and 7th chakras which combined together involve your connection to your own inner ability to perceive what we consider Source and or your ability to intuit and use your gut intuition before making important decisions.

We can focus on colors that correlate to each of our major chakra bodies and we can use powerful visualizations, repeat affirmations, wear certain fragrances, wear special colors and use crystals to help balance our chakras.

When you feel out of sorts your chakra bodies become muddled so if you cleanse your chakras through the use of crystals, sage or salt baths you can slowly achieve and restore a sense of power, balance and positive well being.  Reiki is an instant body balancing way to shift your energies and help your chakra bodies to communicate and realign themselves with each other.  I love to use hot stones, crystals and organic aromatherapy essences to refresh the entire chakra bodies. 

We are not seeking a "quick" fix in fact your thoughts play a huge factor on your ability to stay balanced and vibrating.  Even if you undergo an extensive chakra balancing session but you repeat negative behaviors or continue to create negative thought forms you can get in the way of restoring your own healing.

Crystals especially pure amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite create a powerful field of positive energies in your Chakra bodies.  The simple act of laying still with a stone or crystal over your heart or stomach can restore a sense of calm and help you get rid of the "jitters".  Practice a bit yourself.  Find a special selection of stones and crystals that you are naturally attracted to.  You might find a certain color you gravitate towards or a special "feel".  Play with the stones and see how they make you feel.  Do they give you more energy or less energy?  Certain stones might be extra powerful for your body's needs so look up the crystals that correlate with each of your chakra bodies or just pick the ones that feel GOOD to you.

When you feel ready to call me I am here to answer your questions 312-339-7707.
Tantra yoga is the best way to enhance your ability to sense energy.  Tantra teaches us how to refine and FINE tune our innate ability to feel.  When we activate our chakra bodies through sensate awareness and open up our chakra centers we are more open to understanding our partners and we become more aware of what we need to do to remove our own energy BLOCKS.  IF YOU HAVE an energy block somewhere in your body your sexual energy is unable to connect with your higher chakras or you are limited in the amount of sensations you are capable of receiving.  Be honest with yourself.  Do you feel optimistic or flattened?  Are you able to state your truths and exactly what you need from your friends or partners or are you timid and ashamed to ask for what you need?
Please visit my site www.tantrabutterfly.com for additional options and when in doubt lay still with your own energy.  If you feel you are not functioning at your optimal level of joy give tantra yoga a try and or reiki and see what positive flow and opportunities come your way.

Goddess Diana of www.tantrabutterfly.com

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No You aren't Going Crazy...You are experiencing Kundalini Awakenings!

No you aren't going crazy!!!! MAYBE you are going through a kundalini awakening? And why not? It's about time.
Did you know that kundalini activation can occur most often in your sleep? Or maybe you are stressed out and you finally decided you need some time and you hire a professional reiki healer to help balance out your energies. Maybe you opt for a more traditional form of relaxation and you hire a professional sports therapist and get the kinks out of your muscles. WELL I do know of many people myself included who have experienced waves of electricity up and down my spinal column and while this was occurring a deep sense of peacefulness accompanied by an inability to move my limbs. Yes this can occur even if you are having just a cat nap or a deep tissue massage. Why will this occur? Well we accrue Karma every day. We as healers might process a lot of energy and we might need extra sleep to process the energies we helped someone shift through or we might need to create space for more consciousness to occur. Nothing remains the same. Our skin cells constantly shed and so do our needs for nourishment and sleep. You can't expect to crave the same food groups for the rest of your life. You can't expect to hold onto the same people that no longer serve you on your journey. Sometimes it's best not to worry and it's best not to question or doubt our own bodies innate ability to grow and amass more knowledge.
Here are some examples of a full body Kundalini awakening that I wish to share with you :
1. You feel a tingling sensation in your hands and fingers
2. Complete full body ecstasy out of nowhere
3 You receive severe painful or migraine type, headaches.
4. You become aware of energy discharges, or currents, flowing through the body. We call these sensations Kriyas.
5. You experience tickling, itching or tingling on, or underneath, the skin as if you are crawling with energy.
6. Awareness of internal lights and colors and when your eyes are open you notice colors and scents more vibrantly
7. You feel extreme heat in your hands
8. Sensations of extreme heat or cold moving through your body.
9. Your body shakes, vibrates and or trembles with your own energy
The Good news is you are NOT going crazy and hopefully you are in a safe area where you feel relaxed and you can not cause any harm to yourself by accident. The last thing you want to have happen is be in a critical situation during kundalini shakti because you might not be in complete control of your body. The safest time to have full body kundalini shakti is when you are receiving a healing from someone you full trust or in you sleep when your body is completely at rest and you are comfortable in your own bed or with someone you love.
Do you find yourself craving more and more sleep and you don't know why? Well don't worry because if your need for sleep is overriding any normal activities you engage in BUT you are not having the chills and you are not also having flu like symptoms you might not have chronic fatigue you might just be having your kundalini energy activated. You see kundalini can and should be practiced in small increments. When you participate in yoga or pranayama breathing techniques you are slowly and safely allowing your kundalini energies to rise. If you practice just a little bit a day your body will naturally protect you and you might feel this intense need for more rest and better sleep. During our sleeping hours our body takes its sweet time for the regeneration of cells and this is the perfect time for us to process energies and burn off karma. If you are chronically fatigued but you are not physically ill and you don't experience swollen glands you might try to look inward. Are you involved in any activities that is increasing your awareness or spirituality? Are you becoming more tolerant and less angry? Are you avoiding people that bring you drama? Are you surrounding yourself with nature? When we work on our spirituality we do evolve and so our bodies will naturally need more rest to help us access new parts of our brain and energy that was previously unused or trapped.

remember with energy and evolvement it's not about how fast you go to get there! Our bodies take time to catch up and sometimes we slow down a bit to handle and process new energy and new messages we learn. Don't be hard on yourself if you need to rest more. Don't stress out and don't put too much worry into your body's need to heal. We all evolve at our own speed there is no competition to excel this is a miracle waiting to unfold

I am always available for private healing and couples tantra massage
Goddess Diana www.tantrabutterfly.com

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reiki and Coaching Couples Tantra help create Spaciousness and comfort

When I teach a couples session for the first time I always include my knowledge of creating sacred space which includes chakra balancing, polarity and reiki.  Reiki is simply the opening up of all your chakras so that each chakra communicates and is in complete alignment with the next chakra body.
When we feel safe and loved we can create boundaries that are healthy for our needs.  When we feel nourished and held in a space of sanctity we can let down our guard and open up to our lovers and communicate what we need or do not need.
When anyone schedule a tantra couples class with me they will be my partners and we will together provide an exquisite and playful four handed journey for their lucky husband or wife.  I also work with same sex partners just in case you wish to explore with your lover. 
When we open our ceremony all three of us will hold hands and create a safe and nurturing energy bubble and include what we want to have in our lives whether it be abundance, spicy sex,  creativity or a new job.  We set these wishes of manifestation into our sacred ceremony circle because tantra yoga is a form of magic.
Even if you have not had any prior experiences with shamanism or reiki you will find this ceremony to be simple to understand and once you have participated even just once you are now going to be able to enjoy any future ceremony with anyone with this extra self awareness and self knowledge.  You will learn the proper hand placements and intentional touch.  You will become more aware of your own body as I teach both of you to breathe three dimensionally so that your partner can feel more of your heart energy.
You will learn to pulsate your yoni and your lingham so you can fully charge and awaken your love muscles and send intense shakti and shiva energy into your partner energetically infusing your touch with feminine and male energies.
Your chakras will be aligned with your partners and you will learn to focus on the moment with the breathing, the pulsing of your muscles and some simple massage holds that I will teach you.  We are not just focused on your sexual power we are focused on using your sacred sexual energy to empower and unlock creative potential in all your chakra systems.
Once your chakras are flowing with creative juices your intuition becomes sharper and so does your sense of taste, smell and sight.  Everything you do will be infused with enthusiasm and this sense of loving desire is created between you and your partner.  You will appreciate your power of touch and the touch becomes a healing joint venture rather than a mindless sexual activity. 

Tantra yoga teaches you the skill of creating the perfect setting for complete full body wellness and you can learn to communicate what you want to your partner in a safe and sane setting once you learn the techniques of creating sacred space for both of you anywhere you go.  Sacred Space can be set up in your home, a hotel,  the woods anywhere you desire for as long as you focus on your intentions you do not have to be limited to a certain condition.  Once you are there for your partner and show yourself to be fully present you can create this safety zone anywhere even in a busy airport (for as long as your clothing is still on).

I am always available to beginners and always willing to travel to your city with sponsorship. 
I can work with both of you at your hotel or home environment or private workshop!  Give your body the opportunity to let go of boundaries.  Give your chakras a chance to expand and grow.  Learn more about how reiki complements tantra yoga.  I am open to working with you this Memorial Day Holiday www.tantrabutterfly.com Goddess Diana

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tantra Yoga teaches you the practice of being mindful and listening to your body

Tantra is a practice that empowers you to know your body intimately and be inside your body so fully that you are confronted by your pain, your fears and your inner power.  What is the key component to a good tantra massage?  I would say communication hands down is what can create expansion in your heart and help you lead your tantra teacher to explore what ever you are curious about exploring or help you set strong boundaries.
When you get into the rhythms of the breath and the feeling of your own muscles clenching and relaxing during the massage you begin to understand how to actively involve your entire body 100% during the act of opening up your heart center and your sexual awareness.
The currents you might feel will intensify with the breath so if you feel you are becoming light headed just ask for a brief break with your teacher and don't be afraid of heat or tingling sensations in your lips or your finger tips.
The gentle tingling you feel is natural and is part of the process of gradually awakening your chakra bodies and coaxing them alive from their deep sleep.
We are not always aware of our chakras closing and opening during our day's activities but during a tantra massage your main goal and focus is the simple decision you consciously make to awaken your dormant energy in your physical body so you can empower your sensual side and you ability to tap into energy you had no idea was there.
During a tantra session you always have a choice to stop and question your teacher why you are practicing certain breathing techniques and why you are being told to focus on your throat center or your heart center.  You should ask as many questions as you desire simply because this is a new experience for you and it's only natural to be a little scared or timid the first time you try anything related to pure energy.
Tantra yoga is the complete activation and alignment of your entire Chakra body and your sensual power is encouraged to awaken so you can involve your entire body even your third eye in this activation of full body kundalini shakti. 
If a session is going well you will feel heat rising starting at the very base of your tail bone and gradually washing upwards to the back of your neck.  Do not fight this energetic release and do not be scared while your base chakra is being activated because this is your own powerful energy intuitively opening up the bliss centers in your body.
You are definitely going to feel different afterwards and that is a good thing even if you feel a small amount of pain your body is shifting and you are releasing old trauma or negative bio feedback that your cellular body was holding onto.
The key to tantra yoga is going with the flow but establishing boundaries with yourself and your teacher as certain feelings arise.  Your emotions will come out in the forefront of the energetic healing and this is a good time for you to pursue blogging and getting in contact with a talk therapist if you discover anything painful or shameful in your sexual past.  All these feelings are valid for you to feel but the responsibility now lies within you to challenge yourself and keep exploring your entire core being as you expand consciousness and explore the possibilities and potential for inner bliss.

Goddess Diana

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tantra is NOT just a novelty it is a Valid exploration of energy ♲

What is tantra?  Tantra is YOGA!  Yes during a tantra healing or massage you are going to learn about breathing properly and how to finally retain that breath to open up your entire Chakra system.
So what is a chakra?  A chakra is an energy center in the body that is in constant flux.  It is constantly closing and opening like a filter system to help filter out stimulus YOU do not want or need and help you keep in and retain the healing energy that surrounds you from Universe and Source.

Each chakra body correlates to an physical region in your body that generates heat and provides a necessary function.  The heart center for instance rules the heart and the pulmonary system so any issues you might have with heart disease or lung and breathing problems might point to how you are able to give and perceive and receive love from yourself in others.  If you can change your perception and accept more love in your life then any physical ailment related to your lungs or heart might be resolved in time.

The key word here is time.  Tantra yoga is a discipline and like all disciplines the constant focus and attention you give to your body and your chakras  will create more balance in your physical and emotional well being.  It won't change what you naturally are but it will enhance how you perceive energy and make you more aware of what you are doing to your body and how you react to your environment. 

People can sometimes go through the motions of going to work,  communicating with others, establishing boundaries, taking time out for fun or exercise and creating opportunities to meet romantic partners.   Tantra yoga gives you more options.  Mindfulness, connection, establishing healthy boundaries and open communication are what you learn during a tantra healing.

When you clench any muscle group in your body and breathe into that area your chakra opens up and you are forced to notice any pain that is going on and you recognize how your body connects all the chakra groups together.  When you interact with strangers on the street for instance you are aware of yourself in a crowd and you change your reactions based on what you see and feel.   During a tantra ceremony you perceive your partner's presence, you perceive their breathing and the pace of their inhalation and exhalation and you might notice your breath changes or your heart rate changes so you eventually match your partner's breathing pattern.

Tantra is an opportunity to connect with Sacred other and be safe enough to communicate your needs and to establish safe boundaries so you can be an active participant with shared energy.  Tantra gives you the chance to create what you want on a smaller scale.  Each time you create a tantra ceremony you have the chance to focus on goals and wishes.  If tantra provides a small playing field for generating connection and energy then you may as well infuse it with positive manifestation and goals.  Breathe in a bit of magic during your ceremony and you might be presented with that vision becoming a manifestation the next day.

What do you notice going on during a typical yoga class?  Well you can hear people breathing slowly in and out as they hold their yoga poses and postures.  You can sense a rhythm of reverence and respect almost as if the entire class were participating in one trance meditation.  There is calmness and there is oneness.   Tantra yoga is no different from traditional yoga.  You stretch, you learn about self control, you try and retain your energy and your chi and open up creative energy by focused breath and touch.

When you practice tantra yoga by yourself or in a group seminar or one on one with your teacher you are indulging in actively receiving CHI and you are learning how to retain CHI and recycle CHI back and forth from you to your teacher or group.  Even if you practice tantra yoga by yourself you are changing the flow of energy and preparing yourself to receive some very powerful forces that might alter your body and your mind.