Friday, April 13, 2018

The sacred act of tantra couples massage 💓

So many prospective new  clients call me inquiring about my couples tantra sessions here in Chicago and in any city I choose to visit.  In my experience when both partners are in complete agreement that a change needs to be made and they both are equally excited to explore the sacred art of healing touch then I always end up working with a couple that receives all the benefits of our mutual ceremony.

When one partner feels obligated, coerced or pressured into an intimate session they aren't sure they are ready for then unfortunately it becomes a stress filled three hours for all of us especially me because I'm trying to teach new technques but if one person is distracted or uncomfortable all of us in the sacred circle feel the tension build and it's a waste of time and money if snyoan partipating is blocking the natural flow of energetic exchanges.

Everyone has boundaries and that's completely natural, healthy and to be expected.  I've been working with sexual energy since the age of twenty three and I've spent time and money on seminars, tantra retreats, pranic healing, reiki master classes and lomi lomi massage so I have so much information to share but if one partner is shut off to receiving healing pleasure then it doesn't benefit anyone.

I always propose we slow our pace down to whatever one partner needs.  He or she can establish firm sexual and non sexual boundaries prior to our first ceremony and we can come up with a potential plan for our first introductory session over the phone or over a coffee all three of us together.  We can begin our first tantra session fully clothed and just explore introductory reiki, basic massage techniques, breathwork, white kundalini yoga and chanting.  We can establish a comfort level first and then when your partner feels emotionally ready and less self conscious we can agree on exploring kundalini yoga which activates your chakras in unison with your root chakra and sexual chakra centers. 

I completely understand everyone involved must be in complete agreement and in unison or there will be resentment and your partner may never be ready if you skip any of these steps in trust.

I'm always available to meet with couples for breakfast or coffee before you decide on your first session.
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You may always call me directly (312)339-7707 if you wish to schedule a session or simply book a phone consultation.  I truly want both of you to feel comfortable and appreciated !

Goddess Diana 💓