Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tantra Yoga teaches you the practice of being mindful and listening to your body

Tantra is a practice that empowers you to know your body intimately and be inside your body so fully that you are confronted by your pain, your fears and your inner power.  What is the key component to a good tantra massage?  I would say communication hands down is what can create expansion in your heart and help you lead your tantra teacher to explore what ever you are curious about exploring or help you set strong boundaries.
When you get into the rhythms of the breath and the feeling of your own muscles clenching and relaxing during the massage you begin to understand how to actively involve your entire body 100% during the act of opening up your heart center and your sexual awareness.
The currents you might feel will intensify with the breath so if you feel you are becoming light headed just ask for a brief break with your teacher and don't be afraid of heat or tingling sensations in your lips or your finger tips.
The gentle tingling you feel is natural and is part of the process of gradually awakening your chakra bodies and coaxing them alive from their deep sleep.
We are not always aware of our chakras closing and opening during our day's activities but during a tantra massage your main goal and focus is the simple decision you consciously make to awaken your dormant energy in your physical body so you can empower your sensual side and you ability to tap into energy you had no idea was there.
During a tantra session you always have a choice to stop and question your teacher why you are practicing certain breathing techniques and why you are being told to focus on your throat center or your heart center.  You should ask as many questions as you desire simply because this is a new experience for you and it's only natural to be a little scared or timid the first time you try anything related to pure energy.
Tantra yoga is the complete activation and alignment of your entire Chakra body and your sensual power is encouraged to awaken so you can involve your entire body even your third eye in this activation of full body kundalini shakti. 
If a session is going well you will feel heat rising starting at the very base of your tail bone and gradually washing upwards to the back of your neck.  Do not fight this energetic release and do not be scared while your base chakra is being activated because this is your own powerful energy intuitively opening up the bliss centers in your body.
You are definitely going to feel different afterwards and that is a good thing even if you feel a small amount of pain your body is shifting and you are releasing old trauma or negative bio feedback that your cellular body was holding onto.
The key to tantra yoga is going with the flow but establishing boundaries with yourself and your teacher as certain feelings arise.  Your emotions will come out in the forefront of the energetic healing and this is a good time for you to pursue blogging and getting in contact with a talk therapist if you discover anything painful or shameful in your sexual past.  All these feelings are valid for you to feel but the responsibility now lies within you to challenge yourself and keep exploring your entire core being as you expand consciousness and explore the possibilities and potential for inner bliss.

Goddess Diana

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