Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No You aren't Going Crazy...You are experiencing Kundalini Awakenings!

No you aren't going crazy!!!! MAYBE you are going through a kundalini awakening? And why not? It's about time.
Did you know that kundalini activation can occur most often in your sleep? Or maybe you are stressed out and you finally decided you need some time and you hire a professional reiki healer to help balance out your energies. Maybe you opt for a more traditional form of relaxation and you hire a professional sports therapist and get the kinks out of your muscles. WELL I do know of many people myself included who have experienced waves of electricity up and down my spinal column and while this was occurring a deep sense of peacefulness accompanied by an inability to move my limbs. Yes this can occur even if you are having just a cat nap or a deep tissue massage. Why will this occur? Well we accrue Karma every day. We as healers might process a lot of energy and we might need extra sleep to process the energies we helped someone shift through or we might need to create space for more consciousness to occur. Nothing remains the same. Our skin cells constantly shed and so do our needs for nourishment and sleep. You can't expect to crave the same food groups for the rest of your life. You can't expect to hold onto the same people that no longer serve you on your journey. Sometimes it's best not to worry and it's best not to question or doubt our own bodies innate ability to grow and amass more knowledge.
Here are some examples of a full body Kundalini awakening that I wish to share with you :
1. You feel a tingling sensation in your hands and fingers
2. Complete full body ecstasy out of nowhere
3 You receive severe painful or migraine type, headaches.
4. You become aware of energy discharges, or currents, flowing through the body. We call these sensations Kriyas.
5. You experience tickling, itching or tingling on, or underneath, the skin as if you are crawling with energy.
6. Awareness of internal lights and colors and when your eyes are open you notice colors and scents more vibrantly
7. You feel extreme heat in your hands
8. Sensations of extreme heat or cold moving through your body.
9. Your body shakes, vibrates and or trembles with your own energy
The Good news is you are NOT going crazy and hopefully you are in a safe area where you feel relaxed and you can not cause any harm to yourself by accident. The last thing you want to have happen is be in a critical situation during kundalini shakti because you might not be in complete control of your body. The safest time to have full body kundalini shakti is when you are receiving a healing from someone you full trust or in you sleep when your body is completely at rest and you are comfortable in your own bed or with someone you love.
Do you find yourself craving more and more sleep and you don't know why? Well don't worry because if your need for sleep is overriding any normal activities you engage in BUT you are not having the chills and you are not also having flu like symptoms you might not have chronic fatigue you might just be having your kundalini energy activated. You see kundalini can and should be practiced in small increments. When you participate in yoga or pranayama breathing techniques you are slowly and safely allowing your kundalini energies to rise. If you practice just a little bit a day your body will naturally protect you and you might feel this intense need for more rest and better sleep. During our sleeping hours our body takes its sweet time for the regeneration of cells and this is the perfect time for us to process energies and burn off karma. If you are chronically fatigued but you are not physically ill and you don't experience swollen glands you might try to look inward. Are you involved in any activities that is increasing your awareness or spirituality? Are you becoming more tolerant and less angry? Are you avoiding people that bring you drama? Are you surrounding yourself with nature? When we work on our spirituality we do evolve and so our bodies will naturally need more rest to help us access new parts of our brain and energy that was previously unused or trapped.

remember with energy and evolvement it's not about how fast you go to get there! Our bodies take time to catch up and sometimes we slow down a bit to handle and process new energy and new messages we learn. Don't be hard on yourself if you need to rest more. Don't stress out and don't put too much worry into your body's need to heal. We all evolve at our own speed there is no competition to excel this is a miracle waiting to unfold

I am always available for private healing and couples tantra massage
Goddess Diana

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