Friday, February 21, 2014

Tantra is NOT just a novelty it is a Valid exploration of energy ♲

What is tantra?  Tantra is YOGA!  Yes during a tantra healing or massage you are going to learn about breathing properly and how to finally retain that breath to open up your entire Chakra system.
So what is a chakra?  A chakra is an energy center in the body that is in constant flux.  It is constantly closing and opening like a filter system to help filter out stimulus YOU do not want or need and help you keep in and retain the healing energy that surrounds you from Universe and Source.

Each chakra body correlates to an physical region in your body that generates heat and provides a necessary function.  The heart center for instance rules the heart and the pulmonary system so any issues you might have with heart disease or lung and breathing problems might point to how you are able to give and perceive and receive love from yourself in others.  If you can change your perception and accept more love in your life then any physical ailment related to your lungs or heart might be resolved in time.

The key word here is time.  Tantra yoga is a discipline and like all disciplines the constant focus and attention you give to your body and your chakras  will create more balance in your physical and emotional well being.  It won't change what you naturally are but it will enhance how you perceive energy and make you more aware of what you are doing to your body and how you react to your environment. 

People can sometimes go through the motions of going to work,  communicating with others, establishing boundaries, taking time out for fun or exercise and creating opportunities to meet romantic partners.   Tantra yoga gives you more options.  Mindfulness, connection, establishing healthy boundaries and open communication are what you learn during a tantra healing.

When you clench any muscle group in your body and breathe into that area your chakra opens up and you are forced to notice any pain that is going on and you recognize how your body connects all the chakra groups together.  When you interact with strangers on the street for instance you are aware of yourself in a crowd and you change your reactions based on what you see and feel.   During a tantra ceremony you perceive your partner's presence, you perceive their breathing and the pace of their inhalation and exhalation and you might notice your breath changes or your heart rate changes so you eventually match your partner's breathing pattern.

Tantra is an opportunity to connect with Sacred other and be safe enough to communicate your needs and to establish safe boundaries so you can be an active participant with shared energy.  Tantra gives you the chance to create what you want on a smaller scale.  Each time you create a tantra ceremony you have the chance to focus on goals and wishes.  If tantra provides a small playing field for generating connection and energy then you may as well infuse it with positive manifestation and goals.  Breathe in a bit of magic during your ceremony and you might be presented with that vision becoming a manifestation the next day.

What do you notice going on during a typical yoga class?  Well you can hear people breathing slowly in and out as they hold their yoga poses and postures.  You can sense a rhythm of reverence and respect almost as if the entire class were participating in one trance meditation.  There is calmness and there is oneness.   Tantra yoga is no different from traditional yoga.  You stretch, you learn about self control, you try and retain your energy and your chi and open up creative energy by focused breath and touch.

When you practice tantra yoga by yourself or in a group seminar or one on one with your teacher you are indulging in actively receiving CHI and you are learning how to retain CHI and recycle CHI back and forth from you to your teacher or group.  Even if you practice tantra yoga by yourself you are changing the flow of energy and preparing yourself to receive some very powerful forces that might alter your body and your mind.

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