Monday, November 28, 2016

Tantra Massage to Help Boost healthy levels of Oxytocin in your body

Happy Holidays and I do hope everyone here had a busy and uplifting Thanksgiving. I spent most of the time enjoying it with my two loving pets, creating Sacred Space for a few special people and just enjoying everything Chicago has to offer like the International Film festival and some great art.

I am available for couples sessions, full day tantra retreats for singles and private workshops for your tiny group of friends. If you have been seeking healing touch in Chicago my focus is essential oil blends to enhance relaxation, reflexology upon request, Tantra Massage and deep tissue sports massage to get you feeling better about life.

My sessions are always uniquely yours meaning I tune into your body and we co create a special session or it can be more structured if you want to learn more about how your Chakras work and I can help you open each Chakra with focus,  breath work, meditation and concentrated touch if you feel like one of your energy centers is stuck.

Tantra is a fully integrated journey of all your senses and helps your body produce healthy levels of oxytocin which is a hormone your pituitary gland releases giving you a feeling of love and connection after receiving gentle and intimate touch. It is a love hormone activated after cuddling, and sensual activation.

Oxytocin has an anti anxiety effect upon our body and mind helping you increase your openness for romantic union and allowing you to become more intuitively aware of your needs and your partner's needs. In other words your awareness and empathy will increase and you will be more willing to open up to touch so if you have been partnerless for an extended amount of time Tantra will open up your blocked pathways of bliss and help you reconnect to your sensual feelings.

Oxytocin also protects your intestinal lining from damage and with continued sessions in Tantra you will notice a huge improvement in your third chakra which rules your digestive tract. If you suffer from stomach pain for instance and your are not receiving enough positive and healing touch Tantra Massage will increase your doses of Oxytocin and help heal your gut lining so the mental and physical affects work together to help promote wellness and self healing in your emotional and physical body.

Visit my website for a list of complete services I have to offer.  I have a very flexible schedule and we can prepare a full day, half day of self healing or a couple of hours together to help you feel more loved and aligned for the Holidays!

I also offer my longer sessions at  a fair, discounted rate for serious students of Tantra Massage.  I want everyone to be able to afford to work on this Sacred Path of self discovery and self healing.  I work with all budgets just be honest about what you can afford and what your goals are.

Contact me today for a Free phone consultation.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Enjoy a Full Day Tantra Retreat with Goddess Diana this summer in Chicago 2016

Are you planning something special this summer with your lover?  Do you wish to spend several hours escaping your normal reality and immersing yourself in alternative healing?
I invite you to explore your sensual side this summer in Chicago as a couple or completely by yourself.  I provide a safe, comforting environment where you can let your guard down and learn the basics of chakra balancing, tantra massage and couples tantra here in Chicago.

Many people this past summer have opted to choose learning tantra in longer increments of time and they are seeing immediate results that last for days and weeks.  I can offer you a half day journey of tantra massage in Chicago where we will learn proper breath control and some rudimentary chanting of the bija mantras.  I playfully teach you how to open up your chakra bodies using chants that activate you so you can feel empowered throughout our Tantra Ceremony here in the city of Chicago.

A small intro to the bija mantras will be explored and you will sing with me simple one-syllable sounds called seed sounds that help you feel tingling during our ceremony.  In order for me to help you arouse your erogenous zones we make use of these simple seed sounds which tunes and tones your body with resonance bringing you fully back into your physical body.  The purpose of our chakra chants is to keep you here in the moment with me and hopefully make you strum with energy and maybe giggle a little too.  Our goal is to keep you in a trance form of mind and bring you into states of greater psychic awareness.  The end result of our shared singing of these seed sounds is laughter, a tingling sensation and a state of satiation and mindfulness.

A Mantra is a string of sounds or words that create a sense of transcendence.  You will transform your body through sound healing and each muscle and cell of your body will be elevated and uplifted as we explore the seed sounds together.  There will be moments as I touch you that I will encourage you to take slow, deep, soothing breaths into all of your chakra bodies and then as you exhale you will utter a sound or a bija mantra.    Each chakra or vortex of energy will open with a corresponding seed sound so as we sing together you will feel heat and a great surge of energy connecting from your toes to the top of your skull or crown chakra.   There will be times I will just allow you to relax completely and I will bathe your body with these healing sounds.  Most people feel a genuine vibration or "echo" resonating in their physical body while I perform these sounds.  I will have you relax and breathe deeply into your chakra system while I chant the seed sounds LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, OM, OM repetitively into your energetic bodies.  Eventually you will have enough stamina to recite all six of these sounds all in one long breath with enough practice and patience.

During my full day retreats we will meet at a spa space in Chicago where we can take time to connect, help you meet your goals and fully digest all the energy centers that help enable you to feel more connected to your own power source.  I will teach you reiki, tantra massage, tantra yoga, kundalini yoga and I will infuse our session with pure organic essential oils and trigger point massage.  Each step of activation leads to a greater understanding of this organic process of Tantra bliss.  You will even have a chance to learn about activating the female body as I teach you the subtleties of yoni healing during my longer sessions.

Join me this summer in Chicago for single day retreats, weekend retreats, couples Tantra massage, Yoni empowerment, Reiki and Sensual exploration.  You can read my testimonials here on my site  by clicking onto my testimonials index page.

I hope to hear from you soon!  Help me plan a special day or weekend for you as a couple or just as a decadent and healing escape for yourself!

Goddess Diana
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Tantra Account has been deactivated by Lisa from the Eros guide Good Going EROS GUIDE !!!

Dear Audience,
A few months ago I noticed a drastic change on the Eros Guide and mostly the quality of calls I received were now a lot more inappropriate due to a change of template style and a new woman that had been assigned to my Eros Account. 
A new marketing representative by the name of Lisa had been assigned to go over my account and she would literally call me multiple times during my work week mentioning the Premier Services Section and how it would benefit my Ad campaign if I chose to offer ILLEGAL SERVICES namely Vip Escort and GFE.  Lisa would ask me if I was satisfied with the changes the Eros guide was making and she invited me to share commentary.  When I was brutally honest and calmly told her the site was wonderful when they were more streamlined Lisa would get irrationally upset with me and PUNISH me for sharing my viewpoint.
I would always receive a nasty call the next day from one of the Eros guide Representatives whether it was Tim from the Legal department or Stormi who is in charge of marketing and Sales.

They would delete text from my ads which included the word Yoni.  I mean the word YONI based on Sanskrit simply means birthplace or womb.  Yoni is a sacred word and to me Yoni means flower.  The eros guide basically called me up yesterday when I was having a bad day.  Lisa was quite rude to me as I was waiting to visit a doctor and I was in the middle of a medical emergency.  The eros guide should be ashamed of itself.  They now victimize women in my industry and because I chose to use the word YONI Worship which in Tantra means HONORING THE DIVINE FEMININE AND HONORING THE GODDESS IN ALL OF US I have had my account deactivated completely even though I was an advertiser for over 15 years.

The Eros guide now only wishes to promote Cam girls and GFE and VIP Escorts but because I chose to keep my ads pure and only stay within the bounds of True authentic Tantra healing energy work and True Massage related services Lisa chose to harass me for the past 7 months constantly barraging me with inane requests to change certain "words" that she deemed inappropriate or illegal.  They even removed a text that stated that I would be able to train men to sustain full arousal and full body waves of energetic bliss using a technique known as Edge play.  Now everyone that uses the Eros Guide knows Edge play is a word known in the field and is perfectly acceptable and legal with no sexual connotations. 

When I recently looked up the Eros guide online I also noticed they received a number of major complaints from people in my industry who were also very displeased with services rendered from the Eros guide.  If you take the time to look up THE RIP OFF REPORT you will see many providers of healing services similar to mine have been ripped off by the eros guide having paid good money to the Eros guide only to have beautiful text removed and pictures removed from off their site or advertising removed completely even though the advertising was paid for in full.

I suppose I am deeply grateful that after all these years I have been penalized now by the Eros guide because I chose to be true to myself and not wish to become a CAM GIRL or a GFE OR an ESCORT OR shall we say A PIECE OF MEAT.

The Eros guide has changed their advertising tactics and is now appealing to a completely different audience mostly men seeking BDSM or PROSTITUTION RELATED SERVICES.  I won't be sorry if the FEDS choose to shut down the eros guide permanently for insinuating illegal services online so real hard core PORN QUEENS are allowed to post but not real healers.  The energetic vibration of the Eros Guide has now been lowered to a much lower vibration and a much shadier audience of men who are seeking a quick fix.  Everyone knows that GFE means unprotected sex.  The literal term of GFE according to Lisa of the Eros guide means she is going to pretend she is your girlfriend but everyone in the sex industry can google up the catch phrase GFE and understand that literally and technically GFE means french kissing which leads to herpes simplex II,  unprotected sex which means you are not using a condom and GFE also implies oral sex which of course leads to a host of diseases like syphillis not to mention other sexually transmitted diseases. 

If Lisa is implying that someone like me who really wants to promote whole body health is simply not legitimate then I wish to post on my blog for all to read that Tim from the Legal department banned me from every advertising my massage services and my tantra healing ceremonies because I chose not to be part of their VIP ESCORT SECTION.  I once made the mistake of purchasing their VIP program and Lisa harassed me with upgrades trying to get me to purchase premium services, banners and other wasteful services that truly never made my phone ring ever because they have shortened the text on their templates and they have certain words banned on their site so the viewer is completely confused about what is offered.

Today they deactivated my Tantra and Massage account because yesterday during a tape recorded conversation with Lisa I mentioned to her that I am a true tantra teacher.  I love teaching men how to honor and worship the Goddess and that YONI is a perfectly beautiful word to use. I stuck to my guns.  I told her I am not offering sex to any of my clients nor do I wish to offer sexual intercourse but I prefer the sacred art of sustaining my energy and practicing celibacy keeps me emotionally balanced and better able to receive my new guests with a happier frame of mind. 

My experiences with the Eros Guide these past two years has been very combative, humiliating and a true waste of my time, energy and money.  They have constantly changed their template and changed their service to strictly online interaction.  Each time they asked me for feedback I told them the truth and I stated their original template and design brought me the most work from the most desirable group of people.  Now it appears backpages is the new source for anyone to find out about my services.  I even asked other women in my field if they were still receiving calls using the Eros guide and they were quite honest with me and said since Eros has changed its template and standards and changed its content they are lucky receive 3 inquiries a week.  I noticed that most of my calls from people on backpages or google search engines but no longer from the Eros guide.  I even asked clients from New Orleans how they found me and they told me they had never heard of the eros guide.  I asked a client of mine from St. Louis if he even uses the Eros guide and he said he found the women to be a bit overpriced and nasty to him on the phone so he stopped searching for women from the Eros guide since the Quality of women who advertise their has gone down too.

I even notice that AGENCIES posing as independent contractors such as THE KEY NAME penelope Waters is now posing as an independent contract so not only is Eros guide now playing favorites to Agencies they are now excluding small private tantra educators from using their site to promote their legal services.  It appears to me that Lisa is now formally playing favorites and promoting professional agencies, professional GFE's and professional prostitutes on their site and now getting ride of trained massage therapists and trained Tantra educators. 

If you go online and view the women who are currently on the Eros guide they will even show you their TER id's.  Everyone who is a professional hobbyist knows that TER stands for The erotic review.  The erotic review board is a place where hobbyists can rate and review their experiences with a professional porn star and with a GFE or a Prostitute.  I am not prejudiced against the industry but I am stating a fact that because the Eros guide chooses of their own free will to ban someone like me yet promote porn stars who include their TER reviews I am going to assume I no longer fit into the mold that the Eros guide is now leaning towards.

It appears to me that if you are a VIP escort, GFE,  professional BDSM or Madame you are going to be welcomed into their fold and allowed to post your services online for all to see but if you are a trained professional like me with over 16 years of experience with tantra yoga training and massage you might be banned from being included into their new "look." 

I was penalized today by Lisa and Tim from the Legal department of the Eros guide because I was upset that they decided to remove two beautiful sentences delineating Yoni worship.
I am no longer allowed to advertise with the Eros guide because I chose to defend myself and use the word Yoni.

Yours Goddess Diana of

It has come to my attention that the eros guide is now supporting and giving favoritism to illegal advertisers people willing to offer GFE which everyone knows is unprotected sex.  Unprotected sex is not something I ever wish to support nor is healthy for anyone to engage in.  I was dismissed from advertising with the eros guide for using the TERM KNOWN AS YONI WORSHIP.  As most Tantra devotees know pure Yoni worship is a symbolism of complete devotion to the YONI and the true definition of YONI is flower or womb.  The divine Goddess energy that is found within the yoni is brought out through spoken word, loving and sacred touch and intentions.  There is nothing perverted or illegal in using the Term Yoni honoring or yoni worship.  What is considered illegal is using the words VIP ESCORT,  ORAL SEX,  GFE AND PORN STAR EXPERIENCE.  The eros guide now is promoting CAM GIRLS note they use the words COLLEGE GIRLS  on their site,  GFE AND VIP ESCORT so everyone with any common sense understands fully that if you engage in a porn star experience with an eros GUIDE GIRL you are going to be paying for sexual intercourse for that $1000 an hour and up experience.  They even promote sessions on their site with advertising agencies rather than real one on one experiences with a real person.   They have used agencies that blanket their ad name with a person's name but when you meet the person live you are going to be greeted by a woman who was not advertised in the Eros guide picture.  If you notice on the Eros guide there is special section called AUTHENTICATED.  Now if you are AUTHENTICATED you supposedly the woman or man offering those services but if you are not AUTHENTICATED then you might be using someone's pictures that are not yours.

The eros guide is no longer a good value for your money.  Men need to be aware that Agencies are being favorited by the Eros team and the eros guide is intentionally and willfully playing favorites to certain advertisers who choose advertise on their VIP TEMPLATE AND slowly getting rid of legitimate massage therapists with real training and legitimately trained Tantra educators who are trained and licensed to teach tantra yoga and massage.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Goddess Worship is the Honoring of your Beloved and the sharing of unconditional love ♡♥

Today I’d love to help people understand the difference between raw, naked, passionate lust and true, intimate, compelling love making. Did you know you can make love to your lover without laying a finger on him or her? Did you know the preparation which leads up to the love making shows more care and concern than engaging in a raw, sexual encounter.
Almost all of us can appreciate that as young teenagers or college age adolescents we all had at least one sensual encounter where raw lust rather than love was involved. I feel that women have more of a tendency to give of themselves when they think they are in love and that women must feel safe before engaging in any sexual activity with someone she has chemical feelings for.
There is a difference between raw, impassioned chemistry and the vulnerability of being in love with someone.
When I work with men on Goddess worship my intention is to hopefully teach them how to use their voice, their eyes, their hands and their gentle intentions in a more loving and sensual way to instill a sense of calm, peacefulness and ease in their lover. No one likes being “seized” or hungrily groped during a love making session.
My true intentions are to help alleviate shyness and awkwardness between a man and is lover by teaching him to be less needy and more natural. Women are very sensitive beings and we love to approached with tenderness and not so much a sense of urgency or neediness. When men are too needy and focus on touch only from a place of desperation and lack then women tend to coil up and retreat back into themselves which will only make a man feel even more vulnerable and misunderstood. If a man is patient enough to listen to his lover’s body and get a sense of her body’s reaction to more gentle touches and strokes then his reward will be her yielding and he will feel her soften and invite more touch to the love making session.
Making love is always an art. When you dine out with someone special you want to take time to listen to your friend and you want to be non rushed. You are there for companionship not necessarily to gobble your food down as greedily and speedily as you can with a sense of urgency and impending doom. This is why men wish to learn tantra yoga and goddess worship.
Goddess worship is not BDSM. Goddess worship is the art of being open enough to listen and send loving vibes into the arena of sensual foreplay. You want to learn how to approach your lover with true compassion and not so much a motive or agenda. You are not there to “get her off” or fulfill your lustful needs. You are there to support her as a real woman who has vulnerability. You want to send her soothing sounds and make sure she feels safe in your presence. You should also be prepared for her to lay out a set of strong boundaries for you and if you hear her say she needs some time out from sensual play then you need to honor her wishes and let her feel safe enough to tell you what she needs more of or less of.
The session is about her and not you so please stand back and do not let your “ego” get in the way. Goddess Worship is an honoring of her divine feminine and her gentleness. You want to give her time to expand her heart towards you so that she feels safe and more receptive to your touch. Do not be impatient for instant results and do not make her feel self conscious if she can not have an orgasm in front of you. Orgasm is not the goal of a Goddess worship healing; orgasm is a delightful surprise that happens quite by accident with the main focus being her complete healing and deep feeling of being loved and honored by you.
Lust does not enter as part of the Goddess worship ceremony. Lust is a reaction to pure sexual attraction but if you are a true healer you do not have to be sexually attracted to your partner to heal her. You are there to make her feel safe and more feminine. You are the compassionate soul who loves her without conditions or ulterior motives.
The heart can become more guarded through years of repeated abuse either during the formative years of childhood or young adulthood dependent upon our encounters with the same sex and the opposite sex. Goddess worship helps heal those old wounds and traumas and brings two compassionate lovers closer together. You can share and trust more if you learn the basic healing techniques of Goddess worship and tantra massage.
I love working with men who have had no prior experience in tantra or Goddess worship. It is harder for me to teach men how to touch with love if they are visiting me for the wrong reasons. Tantra will heal you whether you decided to visit a goddess out of pure lust or whether you felt the need to be pampered for a few hours. There is no getting around the healing and you will find out you learn more about patience, empathy and unconditional love if you let yourself go and try to learn something new rather than follow the same old recipe.
Goddess Diana
Sacred Sensual Healer
Tantra Yoga Educator
Massage Therapist
People walk many paths. If you are a genuine light worker and you find yourself encountering obstacles or belligerent people just know YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH AND YOU SERVE A PURPOSE.... Never allow anyone to undermine your happiness. We will always encounter people of different belief systems. Learn to grow a thick shell but never allow your open heart to grow jaded. When others are truly Dark and do not wish to see you progress they are unhappy with their lifestyle and you have nothing to do with their path. If you can wake up each day knowing you have filled someone's cup then walk away from conflicts and people who are mentally ill. There are many on this planet who think a certain way. They do not have generous hearts and open souls. They might even challenge you and wear you down emotionally if you allow them to do. Break all ties off with anyone who can not honor you. We all have beautiful gifts to share and the Path of the true lighwalker is to challenge belief systems that no longer serve us. Release your anger and let go of other people's view points. They can not harm you. If you can follow your path with ease and follow your path during times of conflicts you can face any challenge and anyone who carries negative energies towards you. Tantra teaches us to be more tolerant of other people's belief systems and we learn to honor our need for boundaries so we can strengthen our core. If you know the path you are creating for yourself is sacred for you then never allow anyone who is emotionally ill or chemically unsound to affect you light. Tantra is about releasing old, outdated belief systems. If you can honor yourself then you can honor the people around you without absorbing their stories or inner turmoil. We can only do so much to heal the world. Distance yourself from anyone who would prefer to harm you rather than heal you. Do not judge but do not absorb anyone's toxic energies. Honor yourself by creating a safe distance from anything or anyone that does not love you for who you already are.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

So what exactly happens during a Tantra Ceremony for beginners?

First of all I do follow a "recipe" and I do not both at the same time.  If you over think what may or may not happen during your first tantra session you may not full understand that there is no thinking involved but there is an awakening of all latent energy and trapped trauma.  I find that it's best to follow a simply process of connection, breathing, mutual touch and open communication. 

I encourage everyone for the first time to ask me as many questions as they wish.  You can ask me why we are singing together or why we are breathing so deeply.  Most people don't realize that 60% of our "panic" attacks are caused by breathing improperly and breathing too shallow.  Shallow breathing translates into muscular pain in your diaphragm and when you connect with me I will make sure to slow down your breathing pace for every touch you receive.

The breathing is the key ingredient and if you start this practice every day it will be a new practice that gradually becomes easier so you will naturally breathe deeply every time you receive a tantra healing or a sports massage.  Breathing facilitates complete oxygenation of your body's cells and when you learn to breathe deeply you will feel warmth and tingling everywhere in your body.  I have seen people shake a bit and this is trapped energies that have remained stagnant but during a tantra yoga session your energy is free to roam everywhere and you will literally feel a vibratory "tingle" that will permeate from the tips of your toes through the roof of your mouth!

Don't over stress about what will or what will not happen.  What ever happens is your unique response to your body's ability to process kundalini energy.  Use your sexual energy to regain your sense of grounding.  Use your energy to activate all muscles and chakras in your physical and spiritual body by breathing and keeping your mind free of clutter.

Talk therapy can also be a part of our shared time together.  It's only natural and healing for you to release pent up feelings and I encourage beginners to share anything that should crop up as your memories are triggered.

Goddess Diana

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Connection Exercises that heal your partner's sexual energy ❦

When you are fully prepared to connect with your partner's energy be ready to honor your beloved and that means HONOR your beloved with praise and let all your passive aggressive anger fall to the way side.   When you are fully present for your loved one you are going to agree that for this moment in time you are going to your hold your partner in the highest regard.  Now is not a good time to mention that their eating habits are poor or that the hairstyle they chose is not suitable or becoming to their features.  Forget all the bad things.  Forget the buttons they seem to push when the two of you are arguing over something silly.

Here is what you need to focus on and these steps will instill a sense of trust and a fresh start.

Put aside your anger.  You are going to heal your partner and you are going to gaze upon their features in a a completely calm steady gaze of unconditional love because this is your time to be a giver and you want to reassure your partner you find them stimulating enough to focus on.  When you gaze quietly into their eyes try and keep a blank mind and don't use a critical eye.  We as humans are very intuitive and if your body language is giving off signals of anger or discontent your loved one will sense this in you and not feel comfortable enough to receive a healing from you.

Spooning and cuddling your partner is a simply connection exercise that is very tantra like in nature and very organic.  You are holding a space for your partner and your cuddle will be soothing so pay attention to your partner's body but don't focus on the sexual areas.  Avoid touching your partner's nipples and avoid touching their gentles.  This is not about "groping" or molesting your beloved to suit your urges; this cuddling exercise is about being the soothing embrace they need at the end of the day to fully unwind and be still.   You will be breathing in synchronicity and breathing deeply and slowly using the gentle pressure of your bodies to fall into an even steady pace of trust and alignment. 

When you have this spooning time try not to be in on a time clock.  I want you to ditch your phones, turn off the television set and unplug your electronic devices.  You are in the moment and your beloved needs to know they are more important than anyone or any work deadline.  They alone are your world and the focus is on mutual healing and peacefulness.

Once you have had the time to cuddle ask your partner what kind of touch they might prefer.  You can introduce stillness of hand placement where you hold your hands in stillness on their body for extended lengths of time and simply breathe with them.  You can introduce light caress where you are lightly tickling their body with light strokes from your finger tips and your finger pads.  You can ask them if they might prefer a hard, deep tissue massage that is invigorating.  You can also introduce tapping and steadily but firmly tap on different parts of their body so they feel your energy.  This is going to be a session determined on what THEY NEED and not what you THINK they might need.
Don't play guessing games but truly ask your loved one what kind of touch they crave.

Remember this session is not about you and you need to leave your ego out of it.  You are going to let your partner know how loved they truly are and how deeply honored and respected they should and will feel.  It feels good to be honored and it feels even better to be listened to.
Goddess Diana
Reiki Master
Tantra Educator
Tantra Couples Coach

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Empower Yourself by activiting Your Higher Powers and Your Higher Being.

Have you ever been so nervous you needed to vent to others even strangers on the street?  Have you ever gotten into a taxi and you have to share your experience with a random person who knows nothing about you but it felt wonderful to just let it all go?

Everyone needs to be consoled.  Part of what makes us human is our vulnerability and our willingness to share ourselves with others.  Some people like to be private and not reveal their innermost thoughts.  I have met people who tell me that when they were young children they were encouraged NOT to share their thoughts and fears and not to share their tears but to keep silent and not cry.

I don't believe that this is healthy.  I think that if you are panicking and if you are in need of counsel it's wise to share with someone you trust and it's also wise for you to feel as if you have a higher power or higher version of yourself that is looking out for your best interests.

We have fears and we have moments where we feel we are on a right path and that there is nothing holding us back.  If you go into one of those downward spirals of uncertainty though there is a way to open up your energies and empower yourself.  I like to chant my First and middle name repeatedly  and give myself a reassuring pat on the back with what ever I think I need to hear.  I want YOU to try it.  Use your first and middle name or your first and last name and make a positive statement on how you want your day to go and what you wish to experience. 

If no one is giving you that positive encouragement you need to bolster your ego you need to be your own Guidance Counselor.  Say this mantra to yourself and envision yourself actually being fully empowered and honored.  Believe that your higher power or higher Consciousness will be the Voice of reason and you can excel and find solutions to any roadblocks.  

Tantra is a pathway of envisioning yourself healthy, whole, complete and thriving.  Tantra uses Mantras, Mudras, Yantras and positive affirmations of what we wish to manifest and draw unto ourselves.  We envision our chakras becoming stronger and attracting those people and experiences to us that will empower and not weaken us.  Like energies attract like energies so be careful what you are manifesting and have no doubts or fears during this process.  Believe that you are worthy enough to be loved and honored.  Believe that people see only the very best in you and full trust you.  Believe that all setbacks are very temporary and you can achieve anything you wish by positive affirmation.  Most of all have fun when you chant to yourself.  See yourself as an innocent child worthy of trust, affection and love.   Tantra is about self honoring and self love.  Be your own best friend and then you can have the faith to love and honor your partner. 
Goddess Diana