Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When people as me if I use "toys" I say no but i use other "toys" healing toys such as Crystals!!!

Chakra balancing is very similar to a good healthy work out for your body.  Chakra balancing can be achieved with your own innate ability to feel and perceive your blocks or aches and pains in your body.  If you understand that a chakra is a place to receive and send energy then each major chakra body we have correlates to a major organ or function in our physical body.

Simply put if you were a constant sufferer of headaches, migraines or stubborn sinus infections you would sense not only discomfort but a block in your 6th and 7th chakras which combined together involve your connection to your own inner ability to perceive what we consider Source and or your ability to intuit and use your gut intuition before making important decisions.

We can focus on colors that correlate to each of our major chakra bodies and we can use powerful visualizations, repeat affirmations, wear certain fragrances, wear special colors and use crystals to help balance our chakras.

When you feel out of sorts your chakra bodies become muddled so if you cleanse your chakras through the use of crystals, sage or salt baths you can slowly achieve and restore a sense of power, balance and positive well being.  Reiki is an instant body balancing way to shift your energies and help your chakra bodies to communicate and realign themselves with each other.  I love to use hot stones, crystals and organic aromatherapy essences to refresh the entire chakra bodies. 

We are not seeking a "quick" fix in fact your thoughts play a huge factor on your ability to stay balanced and vibrating.  Even if you undergo an extensive chakra balancing session but you repeat negative behaviors or continue to create negative thought forms you can get in the way of restoring your own healing.

Crystals especially pure amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite create a powerful field of positive energies in your Chakra bodies.  The simple act of laying still with a stone or crystal over your heart or stomach can restore a sense of calm and help you get rid of the "jitters".  Practice a bit yourself.  Find a special selection of stones and crystals that you are naturally attracted to.  You might find a certain color you gravitate towards or a special "feel".  Play with the stones and see how they make you feel.  Do they give you more energy or less energy?  Certain stones might be extra powerful for your body's needs so look up the crystals that correlate with each of your chakra bodies or just pick the ones that feel GOOD to you.

When you feel ready to call me I am here to answer your questions 312-339-7707.
Tantra yoga is the best way to enhance your ability to sense energy.  Tantra teaches us how to refine and FINE tune our innate ability to feel.  When we activate our chakra bodies through sensate awareness and open up our chakra centers we are more open to understanding our partners and we become more aware of what we need to do to remove our own energy BLOCKS.  IF YOU HAVE an energy block somewhere in your body your sexual energy is unable to connect with your higher chakras or you are limited in the amount of sensations you are capable of receiving.  Be honest with yourself.  Do you feel optimistic or flattened?  Are you able to state your truths and exactly what you need from your friends or partners or are you timid and ashamed to ask for what you need?
Please visit my site www.tantrabutterfly.com for additional options and when in doubt lay still with your own energy.  If you feel you are not functioning at your optimal level of joy give tantra yoga a try and or reiki and see what positive flow and opportunities come your way.

Goddess Diana of www.tantrabutterfly.com

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