Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The subject of THE ME TOO Campaign is VERY hot right now so here we go!

First of all I'd love to introduce the idea that ME too applies to everyone not just women as a gender but many men have been victimized, molested, made to feel unsafe or violated by men and women!  I even dated a man who shared the fact that he was molested while under the care of a babysitter his mother had hired repeatedly so can you imagine how fragmented and vulnerable he must feel when he is undergoing or attempting intimacy with the opposite sex?  I do not trivialize or exempt anyone from the horror of being molested or taken advantage of by a caretaker, teacher, good friend, or relative as a vulnerable child.

I myself have been victimized at least TWICE in my lifetime due to the nature of the work I do which will expose me to people or (men) who carry or harbor resentment against women even though they wish to hire a woman to care of their sensual desires and needs.

I will recount an instance in particular when I lived in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am always very very diligent about how I verify new guests to my practice.  I always ask for a new guest's profession, chronological age, form of social media and real legal name.  I want to feel completely safe and relaxed prior to any tantra ceremony I am getting ready to prepare.  I am usually pleasantly happy when I meet my new guest after this brief verification process but once in while an occasional "bad thing" can happen even though I take great precautions to keep my space safe and drama free.

Four years ago I accepted a new client who resides in a city in Georgia.  He was a pharmaceutical representative, an older gentleman who gave me same days notice and showed up on time nicely dressed and seemingly professional.  I took pains to make him feel completely unrushed and let him get undressed, offered him water and proceeded to give him a two hour tantra massage even though he had made a point of insisting on a full 90 minutes as that was within his time constraints and budget. 

At the very end of the session he threw my body a certain way, penetrated me without MY consent and literally RAPED ME!  The sex was horrible, he was disgusting and I pretended as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened to spare his feelings.  Imagine I was raped but because I am a PAID and hired professional I had to keep it DRAMA FREE and not get hysterical.  I imagined he must have misunderstood the meaning of Tantra Massage and somehow got it convoluted in his head that Tantra = Sex. 

No Sir Tantra does not equal sex.  We are not engaging in SEXUAL intercourse during our session but unfortunately I was raped by a man I found to be arrogant and PHYSICALLY REPULSIVE. 
Now here's the kicker!? Are you ready for this?!  After he had finished raping me less than two weeks later he chose to HUMILIATE me one step further by posting a vile, negative, insulting and scathing untruthful review of our time together.  He chose a forum known as the erotic review and he used his membership name which is a handle known as rxrep.  Now sadly I do not know his LEGAL name but I am not opposed to giving his handle on TER away as a warning to my fellow providers who wish to avoid being treated so hideously. 

RXREP wrote a fictitious review of me on October 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia after he had seen me in a loft I rented out in Little 5 points in Atlanta, Georgia.  He decided to write me a truly nasty review stating my loft smelled of "cat piss" but actually prior to our session I had lit a ton of sage and burned frankincense tears on a burner on the oven stop top to create a loving vibe.  This pig known as RXREP then went on further to say MY animals ( my female pup and well behaved cat) were running amok in my space and were free to do as they please.  He claimed there were TONS of dirty dishes in my sink when there was maybe two dishes and a few forks because hey I decided to take him same days notice and so I did not know I'd be expecting a client that day so I had no chance to worry about dishes in my sink.

This nasty man went one step further claiming my eyebrows were stained blue and needed "tweezing" and that my hair was blue yet I had current photos of blue hair on my website so all he had to do was make note that I have an alternative look and I do not look like the typical "girl next door" nor did I ever in my lifetime ever resemble the singer Stevie Nicks who he claimed I looked like in my older photo galleries when I dyed my hair bleach blond. 

In RXREP's review he claimed I actually "did not look so bad" but on this day I looked weird with my blue hair and he said he should have just walked out.  I ponder and I wonder why on EARTH didn't RXREP simply offer me a $50.00 cancellation fee and politely excuse himself and tell me I was not quite was he was hoping for.  I may have been slightly hurt but I would have managed to move on and just use the fifty cancellation fee for groceries or a new dress.  Instead of RXREP cancelling on me he instead chose to VIOLATE ME in my loft apartment that I filled with a great deal of love and then go ahead and write an unkind and slanderous review of me on TER with the intention of making me look unprofessional online so no one would wish to hire me in Atlanta, Georgia.

I certainly do not claim to know what drives certain MISOGYNISTIC men like RXREP (name hidden) feel like they can rape a woman in my field, write a slanderous review and move on with their lives without penalty of the law but I do know this gentleman or CREEP is now paying what ever Karmic debt he incurred and he will continue to incur until the scales of balance are fully settled.  I never gave him permission to rape me.  I probably should have punched or kicked him hard but instead I did not wish to make a scene and allowed him to think all is well when it was not and will never be.

I have one more ME TOO story but that is for another time and day.  I can not imagine why certain men hate women to the extent that they must disempower a woman and then muddy up her name for all to see but now of course I am stepping up to the plate and allowing anyone who has any desire to read my story to learn more about what can happen to a provider of sensual services in the sex industry.

If you wish to learn more about me visit my main website at www.tantrabutterfly.com  You will find testimonials, articles I have written, photos and service options.  Sex is however NOT on the menu but I offer many healing and sensual alternatives to men, women, couples and gender fluid people who need some pampering.

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I do not think people fully realize how vulnerable sex workers can be.  I mean after all we are being "paid" for a "service" so if we complain to any legal entity then our profession and our websites will be scrutinized.  It's for this reason I am very cautious on the phone and make sure that before I work with any new male client I understand what his goals are and explain clearly that sex is not on the menu.  I can share so much more but I think this one ME TOO story will suffice for now.

If you are a MAN or a WOMAN who has been violated I do support you in your healing process.  You are never alone in your pain and you can transcend the pain into knowledge and self understanding, self love and self awareness!

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