Monday, April 27, 2009

Tantra Kundalini: Union of Shiva & Shakti

Tantra Kundalini: Union of Shiva and Shakti

It is my personal understanding that Tantra is a weaving of male and female energy and the weaving is a natural act of nature that unifies our spiritual bodies and connects all of us in a common thread of cosmic consciousness. In Tantra there is no division or disconnection between you and me because we are all weaved from a common thread of a common loom and it is our natural inclination to have this desire to connect, exchange energy manifest our desires and create bonds both pleasurable and sometimes harmful based on our need to relate to others. My understanding is that energy is free to all and as a student in the art of both tantra and Reiki I understand my need to harness as much free, usable energy or Prana as I can consume so my power as a channelor or conductor of this energy is strong enough to sustain me and the person I am healing.

In essence we are all manifestors of energy and we are all playing a role in cosmic consciousness on a daily basis. The Akasha for instance is considered the substance out of which we are formed. Both the words Tantra and Akashi are sanskrit words and they coexist in their fundamental meanings in which both words involve a weaving similar to a tapestry and the weaving of spirit. The Akasha was the first manifestation of the crystallization of spirit and it is highly sensitive to the slightest vibrations such as our collective thought forms. It is indeed true what we feel can give birth to a living and breathing entity so be careful what you believe for your belief will have an effect on the delicate fibers of the Akasha or collective consciousness. I understand the importance of affirmation because of this; and I know if I send my body loving and healing messages my body will become the manifestation of "heaven on earth" but if I send disturbing messages I will indeed manifest "hell on earth".

According to the study of Tantra there are two entities that have created our Universe. One entity or God is known as Shiva and Shiva represents the male deity but Shiva is immovable and represents the unmanifested consciousness so Shiva can exist but can not manifest or change. The other entity is Shakti the female Goddess and she is the Mother, the creator and the divine priestess. It is from the Goddess that all things are formed and born, hence the term "yoni" means womb or birthplace and other translations of the term yoni is lotus flower and creation because the Hindus understand that without the Mother or the Shakti energy we could not be. Tantra is therefore a religion based on the belief that the Goddess is the creator of all things and therefore celebrations or Pujas take place in these Ancient Rites celebrating the Goddess and the honoring of the yoni as a way of showing devotion to the Goddess. The union of Shiva and Shakti gave form to this world and it is the beauty of this union which creates the potential for deeper understanding of our own male and female energies that are united in our own bodies. Each of us inside is a manifestation of both male and female and it is this delicate interplay that balances our own ability to create and live a more powerful life if we learn to recycle and balance our own male and female energies within us. In other words we are our own universe or power house of energy!

These paragraphs were taken from my website as a way of sharing my own personal knowledge of tantra. I have written these articles for my own personal growth and as a way of communicating my understandings that Tantra is energy based work and in direct connection with our own development in our striving for self empowerment and spiritual growth.