Friday, January 27, 2017

I invite you to visit with me for Cuddling Sessions and Sensual Surrender

Hello everyone here in Chicago it's me Goddess Diana of and I just felt like reaching out today and writing.  Writing has always been a fun past time for me and I love to convey my feelings here by freely expressing myself and sharing what I know about Tantra, connection and healing touch.
I am on various forms of social media these days so if you are not already familiar please visit my public page on facebook here  and of course feel free to enjoy blog

I am sharing with you today the importance of sacred touch and I am very skilled with sharing sacred space and making every space a healing and safe circle whether it's in your home, my space, a hotel room or any dwelling where you feel safe, happy and supported.

My intentions are to help you grow and help you when you feel a bit emptied out inside or without a love interest of your own.  I have worked with married men who know that something is very wrong in their marriage and in the meantime they are seeking some empathy and a cuddle.  There is nothing morally wrong with needing touch and companionship.

Most of the men who do contact me are happily married but not receiving the touch that they crave or deserve because their current partner is no longer sharing that type of intimacy with them and it no longer serves them to feel unloved.  Touch is crucial and it is just as important as food, shelter and a steady income.

When you go touch starved for far too long you begin to notice a retraction in your energy and a lack of motivation to explore and create.  We can accidentally shut down other chakras when our sexual energy is repressed.  We can also notice a lack of self worth and a lack of energy to follow through on simple things.

In order to flourish and create we have to feed ourselves positive, healing energy and I can help you by being your tantra partner for the time that we co create sacred space.  I can guide you into the breath and help quicken your energy levels so you feel supported again and more in sync with the universe. 

I am here to help you explore your sacred sensual energy in a safe, supportive, non judgmental atmosphere where you can completely let your guard down and be able to receive some caring energy for as long as you feel you need.  Some people decide that 90 minutes is just what they need and other people feel like a full day tantra immersion will help them bounce back into the land of the living again.

Bliss is your birth right. I know this sounds trite and you have probably seen this catch phrase before but it is your innate and chose right to feel alive and deeply loved again.

Please enjoy all the option you can receive on my main website at and then call me with questions at 312-3339-7707
I will enjoy helping you on your journey soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rather than suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder indulge your senses with a Tantra Spa Day with Goddess Diana

Dear Tantra Audience,
I am sharing an excerpt from my person blog with you this evening in the hopes I can give you some ideas to combat winter depression.
I myself have suffered from a mild form of Seasonal Affect disorder growing up here mostly in Chicago since a child.
If you are not familiar with SAD, it is a real depressive episode that hits a good percentage of the population during the winter months only and it's mostly caused by a lack of light.

I remember feeling so crushed and hopeless I hired a psychotherapist for some talk therapy and she gave me just a very small dosage of prozac but instantly I began to notice that I was developing some severe allergic reactions to this drug and I found that I was not having sound sleep or vivid dreams so once the drug started affecting my sleep cycles I just decided to fight winter depression with my own methods.

The lack of light can really agitate certain sensitive people especially if you love the Spring and summer as much as I do!  I love taking my dog for long walks in the summer but during the winter with threats of blizzards and snow and ice it really isn't quite the same.   There are no outside cafes in the dead of winter and certainly there are no flowers or birds flying overhead to give you that positive outlook.

Please explore my blog this week because I have so many essays and small articles sharing my personal experiences with tantra and adult websites.

If you are stuck here in Chicago yourself and find you have extra free time to explore Tantra energies with me then I invite you to read my main website at your leisure

Please enjoy my essay and I hope to see you this winter here in Chicago!

Well I am still here and honestly I do not know how this happened because my original intention was to spend the cold winter months (of which I am not a huge fan) in California! For the past three years of traveling I have been returning to Chicago strictly during our summer and fall season then exploring a warmer climate elsewhere.
So how did I end up getting stuck here in Chicago? Well I was receiving requests from old clients from my past who would give me a couple weeks notice that they were visiting Chicago and then of course I received requests to stay from new clients who found my tantra services broadcasted online and they finally had time to see me so I got sort of “sucked into” this. I don’t mind because it’s been a fairly mild winter compared to the more brutal winters I have known and tasted in the past.
So here are my tips to any of you out there who are experiencing Chicago winters for the very first time. The important thing to remember is socialization. Winter can be a very isolating season. People have a tendency to sleep in more, order a good pizza, nap in their beds and not get out there. I entrust a lot of you find good reasons to stay inside as much as possible and if you have a dog you may be taking shorter walks because you and your dog and not digging this weather that much. I can assure you this all leads to a feeling of “claustraphobia”.
My suggestion is pamper yourself, eat healthfully, walk a little bit then duck into coffee shops as needed and of course try to take some outings to restaurants or movie venues at least three or four times a week.
I have set up some “spa days” for me and my clients this past winter season simply to recharge the energy circuits. Many people are taking off now and going into warmer climates for more sun but if you do not have this luxury or if you own your own business and can’t take off vacation days then I invite you to take a “spa day” with me here in the city of Chicago!
Tantra is about co creating sacred play and circulating positive, playful, healing energy between you and your partner. You end up feeling more youthful and cared for by the end of our spa day. Your muscles will feel more alive and if I did my job diligently you are going to be in a more creative frame of mind and feel more hopeful about life again.
Anyone who schedules a half day or full day of Tantra with me will receive a soothing spa chakra bath first and then after your muscles are relaxed and all the blood flow has returned to your heart I proceed with the Tantra Chakra massage which combines a really hardcore massage. After I have thoroughly warmed up all your major muscle groups I administer tender finger light strokes along your meridians and I guide you with breathing exercises to help send this positive energy everywhere in your body bringing you sensory awareness and stillness.
You will be the recipient of tender and focused touch with an emphasis on sensual massage, cranial sacral still point moves on the back of your skull and aura clearing through reiki exploration.
During a full day of Tantra you have a choice of learning a lot more and you are welcome to learn the basic principles of holding back on sexual energy during our full day of Tantra Massage which is called Edge play or you can learn how to work on the Divine feminine which I refer to as Goddess Worship or Yoni Worship training. During yoni worship training I use my body as a living “model” for you to explore. I give you suggestions on how to tenderly touch and circumnavigate all pleasure zones on my body so you will gradually grow more confident touching your significant other.
Remember how Jack Nicholson’s character Torrence went completely insane as the caretaker of the Overlook hotel? Aside from the fact that the hotel was obviously haunted Winter depression is real and can affect sensitive people in a negative way. Winter can make you feel hopeless at times because there is a lack of lush, green plants to admire as you walk down the street. The skies are overcast and grey and everything is lacking in color during this season at least in the Chicago area.
I invite all visitors to Chicago to schedule a half day of Tantra Massage or a full day of Tantra delights where you can explore any of your desires or goals in a sacred and beautiful space of healing. These spa sessions are away from my personal dwelling space and typically in the downtown area of Chicago so if you are just visiting Chicago for a convention or touring the city out of curiosity you can explore Tantra massage with me as your guide and feel more alive and hopeful again.
Please visit my main website for a full menu of Tantra Ceremonies here in Chicago and then call me directly at 312-339-7707 with any additional questions. Half day sessions and full day sessions do require a small deposit so I can arrange a unique spa space for our Sacred Ceremony.
Tantra Massage in Chicago and Sensual Massage in Chicago are sacred escapes to help indulge your need for healing, rest, and sane play. I specialize in healing and safe adult fun that is sacred and sensual rather than base and carnal.
If you have been dying to try tantra here in Chicago and now you find yourself “stuck here” for the winter season I can artfully prepare for you the session of your dreams with some advanced notice from you and you can share your private goals with me to make this happen.
Let’s “shine” together and feed each other positive, flowing and caring energy!
Your Muse
Goddess Diana of
Reiki Master
Tantra Massage therapist
Sound Healer
Rebirthing breath
Lomi Lomi Massage
Hot stone therapy