Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What does it mean to be a Tantra Goddess By Tantra Butterfly Goddess Diana ❤♡

www.tantrabutterfly.comI am terribly amused when a prospective new student calls me Goddess Diana and or a new guest wonders if I am into BD/SM.  I do not come equipped with a Dungeon nor do I go shopping for paddles and whips although if someone brought me these items as gifts and requested we include those toys as part of our Co created Sacred Space I would graciously play a game with them.

I use the Title Tantra Goddess because to me a Goddess is someone who carries strong energies much like a Shaman or Medicine Man.  If you can compare the work of the Goddess with the original Pagan witches who had a knowledge of Plants and herbals that healed people then you can understand the nature of the work I do and the reason why I like to use the title of "Goddess" in front of my legal name.

Goddess energy is touch with intention.  Goddess work is honoring the healing capabilities that women as healers inherently carry with them.  We work with our hearts and our minds and our intuition.  We carry a strong energy already within us which is the power of our yoni or our genitalia.  The Yoni in Sanskrit means birth place or womb.  She is our Sacred Healer and she is the reason why men choose to come to our threshold to offer homage and seek our sacred healing wisdom.

Men and women both crave touch and we need each other just as we require food and water.  I am compelled to continue on this path indefinitely as I love to share sacred space and enjoy the magical time I spend with anyone who decides to choose me as their healer and Goddess.

Even if a new student is shy and withholding during their first or maybe last session with me I know it is within their power to heal their wounds and each person who is drawn to my energy is healed whether or not they think they have chose the right goddess or not I know any Tantra yoga experience is an opportunity to shed some old patterns and remove some heavy armor or shields that no longer serve my student.

A tantra Goddess is compassionate but she is also human and entitled to feel emotions and to open boundaries and teach her student how to touch with intentions and how to better honor the divine feminine.  A tantra Goddess is responsive to touch and is responsible for honoring her yoni during her time with her new student.  Boundaries are explored and honored during a yoni healing and the true challenge is learning to communicate with compassion and being patient with any student who has not yet learned the nuances of energy work and breath.

We breathe into all chakra centers and we learn to honor with our positive thoughts, our words, our soothing touch and with kindness conveyed in our eyes.  If we can really honor each other with unconditional love and not judge our style of dress or our physical appearance we come closer to honoring the path of the Goddess.

If we only love what we find appealing or attractive then we are not testing our abilities to love as a true mother or father.  True Tantra Yoga is an acceptance of the divine nature and spirit in ourselves and in our Sacred Other.  We our in essence a True Mirror of our selves so if we find flaws in our tantric partner we see these flaws in ourselves and we continue to hold ourselves in  judgement instead of sanctity and acceptance.

I am a healer.  I carry on the responsibility of teaching Sacred Touch.  If I fail to express compassion this makes me human of course and it also means I have much to learn on my journey.  Sometimes I am tested and confronted with complete misunderstandings of the work I do or cloaked anger.  Of course I can react to emotion but the challenge will be for me to try to work out any misunderstandings with my student and clear the energies because if I do not I will surely attract the same energy to me.

Being a Goddess places me in a position of Compassion, authority, unconditional love and playful muse.  If you can let go of your ego I have done my part in helping you release shame, guilt, judgements and old wounds.  A goddess is never complacent.  A true Tantra Goddess will force you to test your limits and she will encourage you to expand your heart consciousness and get over your need to always be in control.

A man can return to the Goddess renewed, revived, completely loved and desired.  If I as a Tantra Goddess can help you get over some of your anxieties and anxiousness towards sacred and healing touch then I have helped other women you will encounter and interact with during the Sacred love act.  My duty is to teach you how to touch a woman with complete compassion and tenderness.  You will learn how to breathe into your lover's heart and how to heal her yoni.  The lessons you learn from a Tantra Goddess will be timeless and invaluable as you interact with all women in your life whether they are your lovers, your daughters or your dearest friends.

Goddess Diana of www.tantrabutterfly.com

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