Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tantra in Atlanta with Tantra Butterfly Goddess Diana

Well it's been a long and beautiful three week journey for me and I did quite a bit of traveling.  I started out in Washington D.C. two weeks ago, traveled onward to Chicago and had tons of fun in New York city.  I met a few wonderful new people and I also spent quality time with a handful of new students to tantra that simply wanted to indulge, unwind and reset their emotions.
Tantra can change your ability to be more flexible in your thinking.  During a session you are first taught to simple be and let go of any repetitive thoughts in your head.  It is a major no no to keep your cell phone on during a session....c'mon you know that's cheating!!!  In fact you are cheating yourself just for the sake of business and if you want to learn how to let go then you truly just need to let go.
Some people wish to talk during our shared tantra session and you know that's okay too because as we work on your chakra bodies and as I work on your physical psyche your body is churning and burning through trauma and memories and need to be blessed and released.  If I trigger something in your and you can voice that emotion we have accomplished a lot during our time together.
Now the true goal of tantra is to help you explore all possibilities and to help you hopefully get through some blocks and or anger.  If you can really experience your memory and explore it you can hopefully release it and let go of some baggage.  We store a lot of emotional trauma in our pelvic region so when I do work with your pelvis and teach you how to breathe into the pain you are burning through a lot of karma which can help make you more serene inside and help you become more empathic and intuitive.
Couples who have no idea what tantra is can have a first hand experience becoming the healer along with me and partnering with me so that they learn by doing.  If you can imagine yourself working alongside with me and actually being fully active during your partner's healing process then you can leave our session together more confident and better able to understand the simple fundamentals of tantric touch which includes breathing,  being more mindful in your touch and your intentions and some simple tenets we use on honoring our body's as a Sacred Temple.

Tantra is truly a form of alchemy and you will see your body shifting as your sexual energy travels from your erogenous zones into your higher chakras.  Our sexual energy tends to escape through our Crown chakra bodies and our throat chakras.  In order for you to let all that energy flow out of you proper visualization and sounding and or toning of the chakras needs to take place.  I will guide you with proper breathing and sounding so you can channel that energy more powerfully through you and out of you to release what you don't need.
Need  a tune up?  Do you simply need to unwind?  Do you need to talk and release?  Always remember your body is very intuitive and what ever you do need to experience will occur during our shared time Goddess Diana

I love traveling and if you have a small gathering of people excited to tray tantra I am excellent with beginners.  All it takes from you is enthusiasm and enough compensation to cover my airfare, lodging fees and daily tantra instruction fee.  I will gladly and lovingly co create sacred space with your small group or just you!!!  Can't afford to sponsor me?  Come visit me here this week in Atlanta, Georgia!

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