Wednesday, September 20, 2017

So hypothetically, you randomly found me while doing a Google search using two key words–tantra and massage respectively.  You may have searched under alternative healing, chakra balancing, sound healing and reiki.  Tantra includes all of these aspects and if you want to really delve into the realm of tantra yoga and tantra massage here in Chicago, I’d strongly advise you to plunge in and indulge yourself in a five hour or full day and night of sensory overload.  You may love a full hour or a 90 minute bliss vacation to start with but a true student of Tantra Yoga will just take the dive and enjoy a complete journey of the Chakras for a full or half day.

I’m professionally trained to help you reconnect to your power centers which includes a full body awakening  called kundalini Shakti 🐍.  You will be engaged in sound healing, fresh fruit, trigger point massage and a chakra bath that I will prepare for you so you feel embraced and safe.
Our tantra journey will begin with an intimate conversation so I can understand all your goals fully.

 We will be holding hands, spooning and cuddling, touching our heart centers, chanting, and laughing.  Laughter is the most healing and empowering medicine and you will feel your pelvic muscles loosen up as I use my intuition to help you create more flow and energy in your power centers we call chakras.

Tantra is about mutual touch, mutual trust, mutual connection and breaking through all the stumbling blocks currently preventing you from acquiring abundance and creativity.  We work together creating a space of healing and gentleness.

Five hours of tantra is as effective as five separate tantra sessions and it will help speed up your awakening through pranayama, third eye activation and an open heart center which helps you heal past the cellular level helping you find the courage to make dramatic changes in your physical and emotional bodies.  Just as an aside Tantra speeds up your metabolism and your personal ascension process which leads you to greater full body awareness and bliss.

Please take some time to read my main website because i want you to read about my journey as a healer, reiki master, and tantra educator.  Read the testimonials and see if you feel a connection to the words I’ve written over the years.
Each tantra session in Chicago and other cities is unique and we focus on issues you wish to heal or maybe you are innately curious and you wish to let down your guard and help co create sacred space with me.

I welcome your questions so you may email me at or or simply call me at 312-339-7707.
Tantra will change your body, electrify your spirit and help you regain your sense of connectedness. Please be aware I will also want to know more about you, your current health, your occupation and of course your full legal name.  If you want to create more trust it begins with you. Our connection is always Sacred and private and I will not be sharing any of your personal information with anyone under any circumstance.  I simply want to know more about your journey in a small, basic description that you feel comfortable sharing.  I do not need a novel of your life story just a nice brief outline so I can see if I can assist you with your goals.
Goddess 🌹 Diana of
Sacred Muse,
Reiki master
Tantra educator
couples Massage therapist
Energy worker

I use Sacred healing sounds, aromatherapy, trigger point touch, breathing techniques,
and many other sacred tools to help charge up your chakras and create flow for you.

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