Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Empower Yourself by activiting Your Higher Powers and Your Higher Being.

Have you ever been so nervous you needed to vent to others even strangers on the street?  Have you ever gotten into a taxi and you have to share your experience with a random person who knows nothing about you but it felt wonderful to just let it all go?

Everyone needs to be consoled.  Part of what makes us human is our vulnerability and our willingness to share ourselves with others.  Some people like to be private and not reveal their innermost thoughts.  I have met people who tell me that when they were young children they were encouraged NOT to share their thoughts and fears and not to share their tears but to keep silent and not cry.

I don't believe that this is healthy.  I think that if you are panicking and if you are in need of counsel it's wise to share with someone you trust and it's also wise for you to feel as if you have a higher power or higher version of yourself that is looking out for your best interests.

We have fears and we have moments where we feel we are on a right path and that there is nothing holding us back.  If you go into one of those downward spirals of uncertainty though there is a way to open up your energies and empower yourself.  I like to chant my First and middle name repeatedly  and give myself a reassuring pat on the back with what ever I think I need to hear.  I want YOU to try it.  Use your first and middle name or your first and last name and make a positive statement on how you want your day to go and what you wish to experience. 

If no one is giving you that positive encouragement you need to bolster your ego you need to be your own Guidance Counselor.  Say this mantra to yourself and envision yourself actually being fully empowered and honored.  Believe that your higher power or higher Consciousness will be the Voice of reason and you can excel and find solutions to any roadblocks.  

Tantra is a pathway of envisioning yourself healthy, whole, complete and thriving.  Tantra uses Mantras, Mudras, Yantras and positive affirmations of what we wish to manifest and draw unto ourselves.  We envision our chakras becoming stronger and attracting those people and experiences to us that will empower and not weaken us.  Like energies attract like energies so be careful what you are manifesting and have no doubts or fears during this process.  Believe that you are worthy enough to be loved and honored.  Believe that people see only the very best in you and full trust you.  Believe that all setbacks are very temporary and you can achieve anything you wish by positive affirmation.  Most of all have fun when you chant to yourself.  See yourself as an innocent child worthy of trust, affection and love.   Tantra is about self honoring and self love.  Be your own best friend and then you can have the faith to love and honor your partner. 
Goddess Diana

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