Recently I received a set of questions from an adult sexuality blogger in Australia.  I was given a series of thought provoking questions as part of her interview process to help her readers better understand what tantra yoga is and the ultimate health benefits of a tantra massage.
First let me explain what Tantra can do for your emotional and physical well being.   Our goal (our mutual goal) is to exchange mutually loving, healing, soothing, non judging energies between both of us.  If you decide to try my goddess worship session because you wish to master healing a woman with unconditional love then you have elected to learn how to process energy, breathe properly while healing the goddess, and touch with only loving intentions.  You are not touching for your personal sexual pleasures or self gratification; you are learning to heal and empower a woman’s chakra system and yoni so she can feel love surging through her from your sacred, healing touches.
I serve as a physical model teaching you about my sacred body and my boundaries so that when you leave our space of learning you feel confident and you have the healing tools and techniques and knowledge to share more loving touch with your partner.   I would always encourage a session of at least two to three hours in length so that you have enough time to ask me questions and learn the subtle nuances of carressive, unhurried strokes.
Men in general have a very powerful approach to sexual energies and women are very you in nature tending to withdraw more and being more inwardly focused.  Men and women react differently to touch and this my goddess worship sessions have !ore to do with goddess honoring rather than goddess domination.
I am not a dominatrix by trade and my intention is to help all men learn about safe boundaries using sexual energy as a healing medicine rather than a weapon.  When I use the phrase or term goddess I am implying that I am using my natural abilities as a healer and as a shaman to help you understand energy work better and I will be your guide always infusing you with hopefully essential, laughter and positivity while we together co create a cocoon of sacred space.
A Goddess 🌹 is a giver of life forces.  She renews your energies and helps take you on a sacred and meaningful journey reuniting you with pieces and fragmented parts of your lost selves.  She invites and invokes more creativity in your approach to the mundane.  Who needs average when you can have Access to hidden parts of your intuition you may forgotten to use.  Goddesses are mythological beings with supernatural powers but really we all have supernatural powers as we learn to be limitless and learn the art of being present for ourselves and in the moment.
The universe has a sacred rhythm and the goddess has her seasons of renewal, death and ultimate rejuvenation.  Our bodies go through cell death and cellular rejuvenation daily and we wake up completely different from who we were yesterday.  Nothing remains in stasis forever as we react differently depending upon how threatening or welcoming our environment is at the present time.
A goddess is a mother of unconditional love who reminds you of your worth and your potential.  Goddesses heal and help you recapture your innocence and your innate sense of play.  Play the building block of trust, creativity and every new endeavor.  A Goddess helps you shed your layers so you are free to be your authentic self.  🎈
When you contract my time you are allowing yourself space to replant new seeds and new sides of yourself.  I give you the opportunity to regain your magic, your trust and your natural ability to be in bliss.
Now that I am here in Chicago I invite you to play with me and heal your shadows.  We all have darkness and light within us and we are all powerful healers with unlimited potential.  My work and commitment as a Goddess is to show you how limitless you truly are!
Please enjoy my personal website and once you’re there take the time to read my articles, testimonials, services section and chakra page.  My site is always a work in progress and so are you and so am I!  I learn from my students and there is always room for growth and new experiences to savor.  You are welcome to call me directly at 312-339-7707 with additional questions or contact me by email at
My goals are to bring you to a state of complete trust, ecstacy and a feeling of weightlessness.  Tantra brings you so much bliss your cup is full especially with all the concentrated touch and warming energies that will be graciously and generously explored between us.

Never mistake me for a practitioner of BDSM although honestly I have been known to work with a small handful of men who sometimes want a gentle spanking and I certainly do not mind doling one out HOWEVER I perceive myself primarily as a TANTRA GODDESS which is a world of difference from the BDSM world.

I do not work from a dungeon and I am not seeking Submissive men to dominate.  If you are seeking a BDSM experience that is NOT tantra yoga nor do Tantra women in my field offering these options have any affiliation with me.  I am a healer, a guide, a shaman, a friend and Co creator of Sacred Space.  I open my services to men, women and couples who really want to take the art of energy work and Tantra Yoga seriously because they want to improve their sensitivities to touch.

I welcome INTELLIGENT Questions after you have first READ my main website  at least once CAREFULLY.  My wordpress blog  has many articles I have written that help you understand my personal challenges and path.  I do not claim to be a GURU but I can be an intuitive mentor to you and I'd love to show you the LIGHTER more playful side of life!  I myself never place my faith on just one healing path or just any GURU.  You take what you can from what I have to teach and share with you then MAKE IT YOUR OWN with the knowledge I have provided you with to touch with good intentions!  I am not a Doctor nor am I a licensed psychiatrist.  I can offer you paths to bliss with one or more sessions and If you practice tantra yoga a little bit every day I can assure you your abilities as a healer will grow and natural intuition will continue to expand.  Tantra is ONE tool out of so many healing tools to help improve your emotional well being and your body's ability to heal itself.  One session gets you started in the right direction and multiple sessions paced over a period of time will help you evolve!